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The Haunted


As I'm crawling through the rem-
Nants of life, you poison my soul
And leave me bleeding on the
I try to get back on my feet
But I'm still nailed to the edge

I'm still nailed...
A sickness breeds inside my
Mind. The seed of my own cre-
Ation. I'm standing at the edge
With no fear of falling. The pres-
Ent is my future. And the future is
My past. So divine, the other side
I'm not afraid. My filth pollutes
Your life, I feel ashamed
As I'm running through the
Remains. Just dying for that final
Plunge. Now standing at the edge
With no fear at all. Every new
Beginning comes from somebody
Else's end. A leap away from the
Other side, I'm not afraid. With
Broken wings I try to fly. I feel

f*ck it, I'll push you !!
So divine, the other side, I'm not
Afraid. With broken wings I try to fly
I feel ashamed. Forever falling. I'm

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