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Young Moe

"Million Dollar Dreams"

They say every real boss started off as a hard worker
They do it for the money and the fame we do it for all yall people going through the same thing

[Hook - Fat Trel]
Million dollar dreams, Bricks of gold
Million dollar cars, Million dollar clothes
Same time never change, f*cking hundred dollar hoes
And if I could tell time, I would tell ya time froze
My n*gga I'm worth a billion, I want my children in tall tall buildings
I know I'm real B cuz all yall feel me
You jackas trying to rob while the lord try to kill me
God, need a dog just to guard my millions

[Fat Trel]
Started out with baking soda, boosie was the worker
Meatchi was the the cooker, P gon' spot that urfa
Gleeshy be the shooter, f*ck wit me I wet yo shirt up
Come through and I bet I shoot some sh*t you never heard of
Police on the wire tap, say they talking murder
But that my out of town trap, I don't plan on goin back
Call me global Gleeshy hundred homies where you find me at
f*ckin pretty pus*y stripper b*tches in my culdesac
Blowin up my old Mac like where the f*ck my bros at
b*tch layin beside me I'm like where the f*ck yo clothes at
Ho you gotta go, see you at the door
Duffle bag dreams I see hundred on the floor


[Young Moe]
Waking up with nothing make you dream about a lot of sh*t
You need you proper sense if you'll be making every dollar flip
Prayin to Allah, these cases from the law
Like my life be on the line and I'm bout to end the call
Cuz I be feeling hopeless, I could make the coke flip
I could rob somebody and break it down with my whole clique
Thinking that its music I tell em it's something deeper
It's way more than the words you be listening through your speakers
You started from the bottom I started off on the bleachers
So basically I'm a student who's trying to become a teacher
I'm stand on the borderline, hurting it ain't no disguise
Laying down I close my eyes and I be having million dollar dreams


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