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"Chris Jericho’s PayPal [UGC 139]"

The 139th episode of The Underground Crown's podcast features Invalid Nalyd & Aquaberry Amy discussing

*Indie Pro Wrestler Amy "Primetime" Lee (not to be confused with Aquaberry Amy's alternative alias)

*WWE Superstar Chris Jericho's e-mail, twitter, instagram, ect. hacking

*Amy's boyfriend Brett Turner taking a sh*t outside a Church and wiping his ass with McDonald's napkins

*A young Primetime & Nalyd urinating and defecating in public

*Nalyd disgusted with indie carnival wrestling

*Nalyd scared for a stuntwoman's life in front of an unappreciative crowd

*Amy vs c*ckroach

*UGC Summer 2 featuring Mountain Dew Baja Blast

& More

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