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"#UGC174 Ole’ Saint Kettering"

The 174th episode of The Underground Crowns eminates just one week away from x-mas and the boys sing festive holiday carols lathering up the holiday spirit

*What would the UGC subreddit look like if we actually had fans?
(ex:-Why is John bad
-I actually miss Aquaberry Amy..)

*The new podcast equipment arrives next week so the guys discuss the embarking of the new era and new direction that the UGCrowns go in

*El Ranchito in spanish stands for El Ranch

*The Underground Crowns is finally on Instagram

*The Crowns just can’t be a thing, not this year at least so for now rest in p*ss to those ceremonies

*UGC sings Christmas carols because tis the season

*1518 dreams of f*cking his fa…just listen to that it starts at 33:37 …..that’s on you pal…YA FREAK

*Dylan sings a great tune of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”

*Jimmy Kettering Jr. drunkingly stumbles around a Family Dollar

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