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"#UGC175 The Rebirth"

The 175th episode of The Underground Crowns was truly a remarkable milestone for the show

*The studio was now completely revamped

*Wi-fi signal is now a thing

*We have new mics as well as mic stands

*A mixer that works and after all that it all came together to make a Christmas miracle for the Crowns

*The Crowns address the new era and rebirth of the show as they reflect on how far they have come

*Dylan gets suckered in to buying a Nintendo D2S from Gamestop by a girl who showed remote interest in him

*Throwback episodes 1-82 are now available online

*Arcade in West Virginia antics

*Dylan takes a photo with Santa Claus for five retweets

*Logan is coming to The Underground Crowns soon

*The entire Monica twitter saga unfolds as UGC finds her on twitter after the #UGC68 All Time Medium episode resurfaces and forces the podcast to search out for Jenna Jones and along the way a whole mess of peril follows suit. Listen to find out!

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