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"#UGC176 Juggalo Boyz"

The 176th episode of The Underground Crowns was recorded on late night on December 26th, 2016 over some Little Caesars pizza in the studio with your hosts @DylanIsSick & @Mr151eh8.
The second episode of the podcast with all the new equipment was another two hour frenzy of controversy and excitement as the boys discussed the following:

*You’re welcome Cassie

*1518 does the intro for a change

*Dylan botches IG post “#UGC176 is underwear?”

*1518 & Dylan discusses the strategy to executing how they plan this 2017 Weight Loss challenge

*UGC watches The Budd Dwyer suicide video

*UGC watches DJ Deaf Joey’s “My Dead Great Grandmother’s Coffin In My Own Backyard” and this is not for the faint of heart because he kisses his great grandmothers corpse from her 1945 death

*Cremation vs Buried discussion

*Follow Seb on Instagram @mrcrook99

*The guys do the official first weigh in

*Logan has a mic and could be joining us soon

*Adam Sandler appears on the show to give us a review and turns out he is not a big fan of 1518

*Have we sucked all the content out of the sea cow Big Rich 257?

*Weight loss hacks and tricks of the trade

*Fangin’ & Bangin’ Liftin’ & Hangin’

*Does you p*nis become larger with weight loss?

*Flirting with the idea of a UGCrowns Patreon

*Dylan is asked by co-worker what made him become an atheist so young

*UGCrowns read the ten commandments

*Dylan hated Christianity at such a young age because Church going always interrupted what he really wanted to do

*Hollywood Undead

*1518 is a juggalo aka Big Clowney College

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