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"#UGC186 GG Allin"

A podcast about GG Allin's life

GG Allin (born Jesus Christ Allin; August 29th, 1956 – June 28th, 1993) from Lancaster, New Hampshire was an American singer, songwriter and walking freak show who performed and recorded with many groups during his infamous career. GG was best known for his notorious live performances, which often featured taking a sh*t on stage, self-mutilation, and even attacking his own fans in attendance at his shows, for which he was arrested and imprisoned on multiple occasions. Known more for his crazy stage antics than for his music. Regardless whether you loved him or hated him. You can not deny he is a legend. The true king of underground.

The 186th episode of The Underground Crowns podcast is dedicated to GG Allin and his contributions to society. This dude was bat sh*t crazy as much as he was smart. This dude had no barriers to how he could offend anyone. In this podcast we watch a few GG videos on YouTube and give our opinions on him!

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