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"#UGC187 There Goes That Brute"

The 187th episode of The Underground Crowns

*Outraged YouTuber voices his opinion on Nalyd's plagiarism

*Bud The Spud has us kadoozied!

*Yu-Gi-Oh - the animated show completely cheated the rules and didn't teach young duelist how to properly play

*Taco Bell employee licks hard taco shells on social media and gets fired

*El Duce payed $50,000 to WHACK Kurt Cobain also is that a girl screaming in his basement

*You are my sex slave!

*First sh*t of the mornin'

*Dylan wants to get his "little bro" Derek Branch on a future podcast

*2017 is the year of the juggalo!
It is time for all you ninjas to do what you want to do!

*West Virginia rapper "Mini Thin" is back with a new video! ITS THE REDNECK LIFE!!!

*Super Bowl 51! BIG RICH vs THE SYRINGE!

*The return of Yahoo Answers!!!

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