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[Kanye West and Sway Interview]

(Primetime Amy Lee) But you know In conclusion can I just say that I am younger than both of you correct?
(Nalyd Ecitsuj and Roy Coleman) Yes, ...yes
(Amy) I am younger than both of you and I can say I have had sex, I have been in a relationship for longer than a year
I've done drugs and I've been drunk off my ass
So I can say I have lived far more than both of you two losers, But I love ya'll
(Nalyd) Amy Primetime Lee and she speaks the..(Roy) And she speaks the truth

[Verse 1: @Gonzalez1518]
OK, drop it to the floor
Make that ass shake
Woah make the ground move, that's an ass quake
Built a house up on that ass, that's an ass state
Roll my weed on it, that's an ass tray
Say Ye, say Ye, don't we do this err' day-day? (huh)
I work them long nights, long nights to get a pay day (wussat)
Finally got paid, now I need shade and a vacay
And n*ggas still hatin', so much hate I need an AK
Now we out in Pari', yeah I'm Perrierin'
White girls politicin' that's that Sarah Palin
Gettin' high, Californicatin'
Hashtag UGC, What else would be be playin'

(Luna Vachon and Amy Primetime Lee)

[Verse 2: Primetime]
Yeah, it's primetime, my top back, this pimp game ho
I'm red leather, this cocaine, I'm Rick James ho
I'm bill droppin', Ms. Pacman is pill poppin' ass ho
I'm poppin' too, these blue dolphins need two coffins
All she want is some heel money
All she need is some bill money
He take his time, he counts it out
I weighs it up, that's real money
Check the neck, check the wrist
Them heads turnin', that's exorcist
My Audemar like Mardi Gras
That's Swiss time and that's excellence
Two door preference
Roof gone George Jefferson
That white frost on that pound cake
So your Duncan Heinz is irrelevant
Lambo, Mercy-lago, she go wherever I go
Wherever we go we do it pronto

(CM Punk argues with fan)

[Verse 3: Nalyd Ecitsuj]
Let the suicide doors up
I do suicides on the tour bus
I do suicides on the private jet
You know what that mean, I'm fly to death
I step in the UGC building like I'm the sh*t
Tell 'em "Give me fifty million or I'm a quit"
Most rappers taste level ain't at my waist level
Turn up the bass 'til it's up in your face level
Don't do no press but I get the most press, kid
Plus your my b*tch, make your b*tch look like Precious
Something' 'bout Mary she gone off that Molly
Now the whole party is melted like Dalí
Now everybody is movin' they body
Don't sell me apartment, I move in the lobby
Nalyd is loiterin' just to feel important
D2J is back in some cargos and Jordans

(Bill O' Reilly Rant)

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