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"No letting up"

[Hook]: when we catch a op his body drop his body drop it ain't no letting up 223 shots to his f*ckin brains it ain't no getting up n*ggas mad cause we turn up everyday b*tch we send it you say that that car you got legit boy your shi rented up

[Verse:1] sincity b*tch I'm from genogang b*tch we cashing out they just hit a stain on a QP lil bro nem wildin out ops say they out here on they block well why they hiding now watch out lil b*tch shells they flying right now all my n*ggas out here tryna get it you know what we do I don't f*ck wit ops he run up me n*gga watch me shoot n*gga think he can't get popped that n*gga think he bulletproof f*ck around and hit the block
Go probably buy another move GANG!!!!!

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