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(Okay K Money)


K what’s the situation my n*gga
Know I had to come to you man I wanna spill this pain out on these beats you know what I’m saying
Kinda vent and let em know what a n*gga going thru and done been thru man
sh*t ain’t all peaches and cream n*gga this real life out here
Talk to em for a min

[Verse 1]

Its crazy how I bounced back n*ggas looking surprised
Like I ain’t legendary or something or one of them guys
My daddy told me bout them n*ggas who was gonna be disguised
It’s trill n*ggas but in beef, they’ll leave you to rot
These hoes even worse this b*tch say she down for a n*gga
The same hoe only around because it’s beneficial
b*tch stop it, i know you ‘ont love a n*gga like my momma do
But you wanna try to lock me down like your honor do
A lotta n*gga would’ve quit going thru what I been goin thru
It’s crazy this weather turn you cold
When yo mans you would’ve killed and died fo’ steady changin all over the money and fame treating you like a stranger
Asking god at times why you ain’t bless me wit a silver spoon
Why I have to sell drugs and risk my lives with the wolves
But then I think, that’s the reason that that dawg wit me
I love my custo Ryan cause he bought all the dawg from me


This sh*t crazy man imma let the beat talk to y’all for a second like n*gga
One of the realest n*ggas walkin thru this b*tch you can ask any n*gga in my circle you know what I’m sayin
Any n*gga that ain’t with me it’s some bullsh*t that they did
I kept it a thousand with everybody close to me
Neva let this money and fame break nothing you know what I’m saying

[Verse 2]

All my brothers know they can forever call on me
We both struggled damn, why you wanna ball me
Thought way back to third grade, he turned fraud on me
Know if anything n*gga you can call on me
Well sh*t if I got it let’s make that sound better
Cause was on my knuckles bad, I wasn’t getting no cheddar
Running the streets wild, wasn’t writing no letters
But I kept your name alive, JPay’ed you pictures
Missing my n*gga never thought you would come home bitter
But I ain’t tripping still with the MOB we bout to make history
Free my brother Po I try to keep him motivated
Show him how the bros clowning and on our way greatness
If you really love me just pray for a n*gga
And make sure you keep it a thousand and stay with a n*gga
Man don’t ever skate on a n*gga
You ain’t wait for a n*gga

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