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Joey Bada$$

"The Light"

Mic check of the gods, n***a
Mic check of the gods

The shinin' represents the light that's in the darkness
The diamond, y'all n***as ain't ready when I drop this
The timin', remarkable and in alignment
Anything is possible, I promise, yo

[Verse 1]
I admit it, I was gone for a lil' minute
It's like I lost my glow, yo, my inner light was dimmin'
Now I got my mojo back, Joe don't know how to act
I'm 'bout to blackout, I never back out
Unless we talk or bringin' gats out
And every show is packed out
We bringin' cats out from South Africa to Glasgow
I guess you could say I got this sh*t mapped out
Now world domination by determination
This is mumble rap extermination
This is Godly interpolation

This is that "Who your top five?" conversation
Type of rap that f**k a Grammy nomination

Type of rap that I'ma take 'em to my basement
Bring it back, 'cause when it come to leavin' mics ablazin'
I'm adjacent to that n***a Satan
That ain't with debatin', no more time for wastin'
Yeah, yeah, yeah
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