Joey Bada$$

"Capital Murder"

Ay yo it’s Leah and Elise
Comin at you from 5th period forensics
We bout to teach you somthin
Listen up

Now Johnny and Ronny, just two young blokes
They'd sit on their porch and make fun of old folks

Glued at hip they were together forever
And then came Sherane and she was some bad weather

Johnny saw Sherane and said “got dang”
He took her out to dinner and they became a thang

Now Johnny and Ronny ain’t get together to much
Cause that girl Shernae then became the main clutch

Ronny missed Johnny, wanted to get him back
So he threw a sneak move it was a dirty attack

Ronny called Sherane and said come over
But little he did know his life was almost over

Sherane came to the spot, things got hot and heavy
Then Johnny pulled up in his ol’ 92’ chevy
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