Richi (MaliStrip)


I got n***as try cat my flow
They don't know that I'm stuck in the bando
Stuck in the bando servin' both
And them pigs them took my bro's
Ever since then my heart turnt cold
Cah the streets them snatched my soul
I don't really have no n***as
I put my trust in caadan and madow
Why you think the kit-kats ring my phone?
I got n***as that fly that up O
All they wan' do is jus' make it home
Got my n***as them stuck on soc
And all they wan' do is jus' make it home
b*t*h asked me where'd you go?
I told her it's back to E10
I'm on that Malistrip with bro

[Verse 1]
Ay n***as wan' talk 'bout trust
Same n***as that hug your mum
So you out in front of a judge
So please don't talk 'bout trust
I put my faith in my Glock or pump
Yeah I fly OT with grub
Tell my YG that I want that plugged
I just want you to keep it real my n***a
I don't really ask for much
But these n***as wan' scream and shout
It's like thеse n***as wan' cause a fuss ay
Me I just keep that quiеt
Bet you don't know that I've got that tucked
Make one wrong move you're f**ked
I got bagged I was out of luck
But I buss that case wassup?
Yeah these n***as all know my type
Same day that my n***a got touched
Same day I was out 'ere risking life
And my bro told me lets ride
Not once did I ask him why
I'm the type to jump in the dinger
Yeah the type to switch off your line
I can see in the f**kboys eyes
Cah these n***as ain't bad they fold
Yeah these n***as ain't bad they fold
Cah these n***as get caught start snitchin'
It's like n***as don't know the code
I'm like how you gonna tell on bro
Like how you gonna tell on bro
Yeah these askaar took my n***as
I can't wait 'til they let them go
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