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Young Pyro


[Intro: Young Pyro]

[Verse 1: Young Pyro]
I got a dream I pray that all my n*ggas gon' ride
The world is a place where the strong survive
If you ever think of 7/22/95 let it be the day that birthed the illest n*gga alive
See I come through with the metaphors
Hit you with a catalogue
Of magazines loaded with these words I pray you carry on
And every bullet I keep loaded with a lot of bars
Let two girls assist each other watch the way they pass these balls
Yea y'all gon feel me
Bleeding on these beats I'm just giving you the real me
Tryna leave a message and that's even if they kill me
I'm tryna leave a legacy just like I'm Walt Disney
I had to spit this as you ride out
Cuz I refuse to let this real music die out
And when I blow all these rappers they'll be crying out
Something like Osama how they running in they hideouts
Just praying they don't get caught
I'm in love with the music give a f*ck bout what a b*tch thought
Eating all these beats I'm the flavor when it need salt
Rhymes so hot they think I need horns and a pitchfork
Don't confuse him with the devil
Red bone red bottoms don't confuse them with stilettos
The way that ass shake don't confuse it with some jello
I'm fetty wap cuz all my b*tches screaming wassup Hello
Uh huh
My cousin told me he believed in me and when he listened to my music that he saw a dream for me
I know that I deserve more cuz I can see the real in me
And all these petty ass pay checks ain't appeasing me
Money running in cycles I'm chasing it faithfully
If they want the drama that's okay with me I brought the K with me
Uh real hip hop sh*t
All I do is make her scream this is hip hop di*k
I put my heart on my sleeves cuz I like how it fit
n*gga I been going this hard ever since I was a kid
When I was wearing PJ's chilling in the crib
When I was playing beyblade screaming let it rip
Now I let it rip in the booth I'm sick and need medicine and money is the cure Magic Johnson he will tell you this
I know that I'm the best cuz I'm the only reason that I ain't reach the success I envision in my head
Look where I grew up n*ggas fight and they kill
n*ggas Rob and they steal you gotta hustle for meals
You can't do nothing but deal
That's just how I feel
And I question everything cuz I think nothing is real
They be talking bout they cars and all the killers riding with them
Talking bout they Rollie's what happened to the bars n*gga
Everyone so real what happened to the frauds n*gga
Skinny n*gga big world gotta fight the odds n*gga
Let's get it

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