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"Little Things"

Mighty Moe
R-E-K-S you already know

[Verse 1]
First time for everything heaven brings
Little things, that mean more than you can ever know
Cherish forever long walks together love letters odes to our goals
Hold hands lock eyes and lose self in those tender moments depending on if you plan to grown if you want love best to give love is something I've learned you can't deny love you gotta earn
Love the x and the o's to make you happy I will go
Beyond the mountain landscape escape to opposite of hate
Poppa left in the sorriest state
Ibvious the poverty it wasn't great
But us sticking together was the nourishment
A dinner plate I sit up late wondering if you was coming home
Then momma told me you was dead and gone shed tears move on
Uncle B told me I gotta stay strong it won't be long
'til the love of my life come
For real Unc?
Aww that's wassup word!

All you gotta do is smile
Giggle when I tickle your toes and I'm in heaven love heaven knows
Kings, raise princes and princesses I never knew a love quite like this
The gift that gives eternally this yearning in me to be the pop that my pops wasn't
The beating heart couldn't stop cause them
Precious angels to the skies I'm so thankful
I prayed and you came through
You came through for me and truthfully
When I'm in need fall to them knees cause God is love
Feeling inside for all the above
And all the below sun, moon, stars
Water, seashores lost the ego
Learned appreciation practicing patience
It's just the little things that mean more than the bigger things
Joys I feel giving brings
Nothing like the long-lasting energies
Love bring to me gon' let the hook sing to me
Love your voice

[Verse 3]
Music and me, forever be together we
Weathered the storms when dark clouds form turn on the beat flowing through me a desire indescribable
The fire that's inside of you inside of me
Block out society lost myself in the world, diamonds pearls
Nothing on the little things, loved ones the sib-lings
Odds the evens the ying-yang theory
Of the opposite big bang in my heart
For the arts Picasso, Mozart
The flow sparks inside my thoughts like war in a dark alley
As the world evolve, I get a joy in me
Avoiding any negative cause the positive outweighs the grey these days
Feeling ok, I came a long way from the sad story with a long face
We got to find us a better means
To reach love and cherish the little things

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