Middle Child (OG) lyrics


[Intro: PnB Rock]
Oh, yeah

[Chorus: PnB Rock & XXXTENTACION]
Mama had five boys, me, I was the middle child
By the age of 13, b*t*h, I was young and wild
Caught my first case, then I got kicked out my mama house
Got nowhere to stay, b*t*h, I'm runnin' in your f**kin' house (b*t*h)
With them 30s out (Yeah), f**k you talkin' 'bout? (Yeah)
Yeah, ridin' 'round 'round the city, I swear I'm lurking out (Lurking out)
Really I'm high as sh*t, I'm off a Perky now (Perky now)
Huh, n***a run up on me, I'ma blow eem down

So much cash in my jeans, Louis V, pocket wallet
n***as hate, n***as b*t*hes, n***as b*t*hes, pocket watchin'
Uh, not talkin' 'bout no pistol, talkin' 30s now (30s now)
Hey, hey, 30s now, 30 bands, 30 now (Hey)

[Verse: PnB Rock]
Oh my God, oh my God, b*t*h I'm high ass sh*t (uhm)
Smokin' loud, it's so loud (uhm), b*t*h I can't hear sh*t (uhm)
Bustdown on my wrist (uhm), bustdown on my b*t*h (uhm)
I just hit a lick (uhm), I bust it down with my clique (uhm)
Oh you know I came up from nothing (came up from nothing)
Yeah, you know a young n***a hustlin' (young n***a hustlin')
Yeah, you know my chains, they be bustin' (chains they be bustin')
Yeah, you know my chains, they be bustin' (chains they be bustin')
Cuffed two damn b*t*hes, I ain't cuffin' (b*t*hes I ain't cuffin')
b*t*h, I ain't say that you from nothing (ain't say that you from nothing)
b*t*h, you know I've been out here hustlin' (I been out here hustlin')
Juggin' and Finessin'
Trap goin' crazy every time they see me out (every time they see me out)
I got all these bands on me, bustin' out my palm (bustin' out my palm)
You can hate on me, but I swear you got no opps (swear you got no opps)
'Cause I got a .30 clip (30), that's thirty on my Glock

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