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Bob Dylan

"Depression Flow (feat. DNJ Breeze)"

[Hook: DNJ Breeze]
I'm on that depression sh*t, You don't know how I'm living
Go grab that knife boy, from out the kitchen
I get to stabbing boy, I get to Cripping
Get that poison and I get to sipping
Grab that rope and now it's hang time
Or grab that knife and blow my brains out
If you care you better tell me now
Cause I'm on that depression sh*t and I ain't f*cking 'round

[Verse 2: King Cedro]
Dear lord I think I have depression
My gift is a curse in the form of a blessing
My n*ggas are dying, my momma is stressing
Yet I keep it all like a secret left seperate
Dear lord can you please save my soul
My heart is as black as the winter is cold
I am who I'm not, what I'm constantly told
Now I'm rapping my life with deppresion like flows
All of these n*ggas hate me
But can these n*ggas hate me more than I hate myself
Went from the n*gga I was to the n*gga I am
I'm just a broken shell of my self
I spend all my time on these women
They play me like systems, a game and I think I need help
I'm stuck in this prison known as Forest City
Where n*ggas like me they be fleeing from death
All these n*ggas, they thinking they gang
And they all want to hit a stain or lick off of me
These n*ggas so GD and BD and Moe and they blood
I'm just trying to keep the peace
I'm so 10-4L insane, Eastside
I'm saying if war was to start it'd be cause of me
If ops pull up, should I aim for head or let these n*ggas kill me?


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