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YC the Cynic


[Verse 1: Chaundon]

Songs in the key of life I play the notes well
Never sang the county blues that’s not what I’m trying to sell
I record love and happiness prosperity as well
Radio will never play the real life stories that I tell
Hello Bronx hello Harlem hello Brooklyn hello Queens
Hello Staten Island 5 borough be wildin’ on the scene
Aspire to make cream without triple beam dreams
Entertainment ain't the only way to make it nah mean
You can be a Dr. King with Coretta as your queen
We ain't reach the promise land here’s a chance for you to lead
Got babies having babies and there ain't no baby sitters
Corporate bail out but ain't nobody trying to save my (expletive)
Poor folks going through it where the president at?
So much money for the wars where them presidents at?
In this climate of rap only a few droppin’ gems
First chapter first one written in these ghetto hymns

[Verse 2: YC The Cynic]

Black man in America the Pangea
Native land inheriter
Land of the free home of the slaves the paradox
Pondering why pandora’s box was there unlocked watch
W.E.B breathe air in your beats and air it out
So honest even psychologist sit in there in shock
And awe taking your all hittin’ hearts
I see your guard if you hittin’ at all takin it off feel me
Feel me? It’s too much to leave in the wind
There’s a kid that’s scared to follow his dream I’m speaking to him
Or her I prefer to be heard then be a prophet deterred
Because of profits deferred I’m trying to win I'mma work
To see you having the happiness you deserve
Prosperity is encouraged I’m grading you on a curve
I bend to see you win from a loss
And then my only reward would be you passing this on take off

(DJ Flash scratches, prosperity is encouraged)

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