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YC the Cynic

"Outside (Intro)"

(unintelligible speach)

[Verse 1: YC the Cynic]
Lived through a culture shock but died in the genocide
My city is gentrified, my genre is gentrified
Modern day [?] tryna face the enterprise
[?] you gotta learn to improvise
Afrocentrigation, half man, half amazing
Cops ran up with tazers, black man's affadavit
I could be writing money-making records but instead I give advice as if I got my life together any better
No! Pop is gone missing, my mama's indifferent
Now we popping pills for politicians [?]
[?] is this how Pac would envision it?
I probably be a Malcolm or a [?] for my [?]
But now I can begin again, this is my christening

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