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Ted Leo and The Pharmacists

"Tell Balgeary, Balgury is Dead"

[Verse 1: Ted Leo]
It's been a hard road, and there's no turning back
And there's no end in sight to this darkening night
And that's a sad fact
But I hear you come down to the graves at Inchigeelagh
For to walk through the stones of the names we have known
And there I'll meet you

[Chorus 1]
I'm laying out the table for to welcome you back home
I'm calling on the angels for to lighten up your load
I'm calling on the majors to end this general despair
In the graveyard at Inchigeelagh, in black clothing I'll be there

[Verse 2]
My love wears black clothes and red flowers in her hair
And we walk, we don't run
Toward the day when it's won, and yeah, I'ma be there
But we're patient for now, and we're patient for tomorrow
When the past will redeem all the toil extreme and all the sorrow

[Chorus 1]

Look up from the street, look, open your eyes
Wake up to your future under a bright night sky


[Chorus 2]
I'm calling on a stranger when I've got no back up plan
I'm disregarding danger when I'm in your foreign land
And if you want to meet me, wear a red flower in your hair
In the graveyard at Inchigeelagh, in black clothing, I'll be there

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