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Ted Leo and The Pharmacists

"Timorous Me (live)"

Me and Johnny sitting in the green grass
I don't remember too much from that far back in the past
But man, oh man, was Jonathan a laugh
In those days

Apparently he was my very best friend
We spent warm summer days wishing they would never end
But I only know from photographs I look at
Every now and again

And J-J-Johnny
Ooh, all he left us was an apple tree
And ooh, where'd he go and ooh, why'd he leave?
Ooh, why do I grieve?

Now I don't ever see Jonathan no more
But my life rolls on just like it did before
And I only wonder what it is
That I even miss him for

Me and Timory holding hands
I was shaking hers 'cause she said she was a fan
There was an awkward pause and something that should have began
Just passed us by

But I watched her sing along with every word
In the prettiest voice that I never heard
And I still see her dancing, wearing my shirt
Right there

And t-t-timorous me
All Timory left me was a memory
And ooh, I was blind and ooh, now I find that
I can't see

Now me and Jodi spent a lot of our time
Just sitting in silence, driving late at night
Maybe even wondering what was on each others' mind

But I know she's like me so I let it ride
She's dwelling in the quiet space left behind
Where only peace can answer why, and you abide
The birds must fly

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