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"The Big Parade"

I've just come back from the war
I'm angry and tired and bored
Scarred by the things that I saw
Still don't feel like I'm home

Don't wanna go back
But I don't wanna stay
I'm still waiting for
The big parade

Just before dawn
Doesn't feel like last fall
Feels like a friend I've lost touch with
Who I hoped wouldn't call

Blankets and clothes
Pictures of wives
The glow in the burning
We saw from the sky

When I woke up
All swaddled in white
I wanted my mother
Wanted her to tell me why I was alive

I'd write every night
Just before bed
For a while there I stopped
Did you think I was dead?

The truth of it is
I was just scared
Scared to come back
I wanted to stay

I'm still still waiting
For the big parade

Don't wanna go back
Don't wanna stay

I'm still waiting
Still waiting for...
The big parade

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