Who The Fuck Is That?
(Oomp Camp productions!)

[Intro: Dolla Dolla]
I own the club, that's right - Dolla Dolla!
Make it rain on these hoes - T-Pain!
THE GANG! (You already know)
G-A-N-G (Konvict)

I hit the club with a mug so mean got them n***as like
Then I hopped up out the car it's so clean, got them hoes like
Goes like right, left, back, forth
Yeah I got money n***a that's, of cousrse
Hit the stage with a b-boy stance, the club owner like

[Verse 1: Dolla]
Pull up in somethin tinted, 200 on the dash
Y'all sh*t rented, I drop cash
Watch the doors lift up, this n***a done went mad
I'm what you never had, some of this and some of that
Tell that b*t*h to give me kiss, then I smack her on the a**
Throw a stack at her and laugh, this sh*t to me ain't nothin
How much money do you have? That's not up for discussion
I be mashin out in somethin European on them b***ons
I been rich since I'se eleven, my grams look like 7's
My killers look like reverands yeah you better count yo' blessings
Konvict piece around my neck, misdemeanor on my wrist
Got a felon on my pinky got you blinkin when it glist'
I got strippers on the payroll, Chargers in Diego
Llello like it's mayo, don't play 'round with me pesos
You should see the steelo, neighborhood Nino
B*t*hes call me dolla but these n***as call me D-Bo

[Verse 2: Dolla]
Ay ay ay ay now I'm shinin like a motherf**ker, VVS's blinkin
Steve Urkel by the ton, that purple steady stinkin
You talkin to the d**k and I got swag, I got juice
See me in that Bentley coupe, right in front of run & shoot
You be runnin when I shoot, I be shootin where you runnin
'Kon got me out the streets, told me Dolla get the money
Now I'm the club stuntin like LA, LA LA LAH
Laughin at these coward n***as like HA, HA HA HAH
Look you f**kin with a winner, shrimp and lobster for the dinner
Veteran in the game you other n***as just beginners
In my D-boy stance, 'bout to pop a rubber band
F**k that fightin in the club, you n***as f**kin up my plans
I'm tryin to get a dance, her name and her number
Take her to the telly get some brain in the Hummer
You n***as make it rain, while Dolla make it thunder
Album comin soon, b*t*h get ready for the summer

[Hook] - last two lines changed as below
Hit the stage with a b-boy stance
The club owner like OOOOH-WEEEEEEE~!

[Verse 3: Tay Dizm]
Ain't nuttin for me to come through and shut the club DOWWWN
Walk through the club mean muggin haters out
Drop a stack at the bar, hundred Louis 13
They lookin at me like who is (who is) who is he?
A straight get'cha boy, been raised in the streets
If I'm on it you can smell it when I step in yo' room
Tay, D-I, 7 goes ZOOM!

[Outro: Dolla]
I'm Dolla baby! G-A-N-G, T-Pain
Konvict, Dolla Dolla!
Y'all know the name, HA~!