Wrapped Up
Yea, This for the ladies

[Verse 1:]
I use to give her everything she wanted thinking that was enough
Not realizing all she really wanted was us
Knew she was getting fed up
But I was to wrapped up in the streets
Tryna eat doing too damn much
Say I use to love her good
Now I'm in love with the streets and the allmighty dolla done created a beast
Somewhere along the line out there on my grind
I forgot all the good women need is time
Heart, soul and mind but the money got to me
Eventually the strip clubs and guns got to me
Our connection went wrong and that's my fault
Started taking her for granted
So we got lost I thought she always be here
Would never leave like I couldn't get cut and I never bleed
Knowing goddamn well I wear my heart on my sleeve I was blind at first but now I can see

[Verse 2:]
I used to treat you like a queen now I call you b*t*h
Like you was never there when I was starving and sh*t
I used to compliment your mind your thoughts and such
Now I tell you close your mouth you talk too much
Sh*t we used to be friends now we don't even talk
It's like I'm living with a stranger and that's my fault
I let our signals crossed I know you tried
Them nights I never came home I know you cried
In the morning when you seen me you just looked and you smiled
Like you never did this then why you doing it now
Thinking this just a phase he gone comback home
And outta my own guilt I search your phone
Hoping you doing wrong to make me feel better
Meanwhile you stayed down keeping us together
So instead of cheating you just left kissed me on my neck and you wished me the best

[Verse 3:]
Now I'm sitting here stuck with my face in my hands
I guess you live and you learn part of being a man
But it wasn't my plans not in my vision
Had thoughts of me and you with a couple of chilrens
Vowed and I swored next women I get
Do right show her love and never forget
'Bout all the little things That kept us close
Like laughing, talking, inside jokes
When you need me the most you just call
Cause I wanna do right, give you my all
I know at times it gets hard but that's on me
Never fake To be the man I can't be
Is it all my fault I broke her heart
She never pointed the finger When she got scarred
At the end of the day I know I was wrong
So I sat back and wrote you a song