[Verse 1:]
I Got my eyes on the prize, Even if I was blind
I still could play them keys, I got Stevie Wonder eyes
This sh*t pumpin' in my veins, Feel it deep within' my heart
I'm pica**o with a pencil, Make this rap sh*t look like art
Run a circle around the square b*t*h and tear her brain apart
Keep em' stupid, You will think cupid, aimed and shot em' with a dart
You was fresh up off the porch, I was fresh up out the Porsche
Oh let me in time hustla' catch me runnin' with the torch
Set a n***a' block on fire feel that heat I'm about to scorch
Double XL with that flow, You feel the vibe, I'm 'bout to source
Just a soldier on a mission that we shal' never abort
I ain't even worried 'bout it I got a n***as' support
Lean back and kick my feet up and let nature take it's course
God got a plan for me, Just some things you can't force
Lay a violent hand on me and a n***a see the morgue
B*t*hes come between the money, Say goodbye, You see the door
Dolla' bill the same n***a, Million bust up b*t*hin' poor
N***as' handcuffin' b*t*hes, Whatcha’ catchin’ feelins' for
Keep em' to a minimum, You raisin' my temperature
Make it sound like a movie, Welcome to my cinema
Al Pacino, Rob Denero, I am somethin' similar
If eva' I be wit' 'em, Pu**y poppin' numba’ one
Bein' as I pull up, Ask them b*t*hes, I'm the one
Laughin' at them crackas', Ha ha', Now the rabbit got the gun
Once again the flow is crack, When you hear the beat I get cha' numb
Rosa sat, Martin walked, and now Obama 'bout to run
Got this city on my back even if it weigh a ton
I'm a natural born leada', Momma' raised a champion

[Verse 2:]
Came to the conclusion, That we need a solution
Drugs in our community to stop that pot pollution
Let's start the revolution, Build an inst**ution
We still one 3rd a person and that's in the const**ution
Workin' for the man, I disagree with prost**ution
You see that percussion, Under my seduction
I'm on that different planet like I've been through an abduction
Beat that track up, I think I gave it a concussion
Get high I be buzzin, Rain on that production
I'm slightly out my mind, Sometimes I wonder how I function
Fellows I be bustin, Chronic I be puffin
Drizzle on your brain and when I'm done I stick the fork in
He hangin' with them pigs, You know them cops, We call them pork men
Death but dishonor so I can neva' support them
Put them on my momma', Word to Obama
See they can take your freedom but neva' can take your honour