[Verse 1 - 1:05 to 2:25]
I Made Rhymes come to life
Never turn hoes wife
Couple bottles of the Spade
It's bout to be a long night
Got swag by the lover
Think you b*t*h wanna bite
I Tell her take on of these it'll turn into a dyke
I got it no problems i'm feelin it mayne
N***as fallin under pressure time to deal it with hand
Askin b*t*hes can I minaj with her and a friend
She hit me with the Obama phrase like yes we can
See my cup over flowing I got juice to waste
I Say excuse me let me introduce this d**k to your face
I'm so easy to love but even harder to Hate
N***as wanna see me dyin and take a fall from grace
But I know the shortcuts to stay a head of the race
I Don't here to harra**e a n***a I Ain't here to debate
Hey look I'm on some different sh*t You are not my kind
I am the rap Russell Crowe I got a beautiful mind
No, No one on the corner got a swagger like mine
You got swagger like I's we got swagger by the Aisle
You talkin to the Oh I
Do a N***a so foul
Do a b*t*h like Rihanna tell a hoe Take a Bow
They be jockin my fresh Jockin' Jockin my style
Say You got it by the Lump? we got it by the Pile
You can get it right now if the feet look right
Forever I love Atlanta it's the felon type
Thats why the Ice shine bright like a Neon Light
Blackjack 21 I'm the Deon type
You can charge it by the card, ay b*t*h we ball by the Swipe
I'm fenomenal I Can feel it deep in my abdominals
Black and white chevy boy that thing look like a domino
N***a half nice than a n***a half whack
And because of that fact I will never ever slack
I will always go hard, hard body til I'm gone
This is exercise baby I'm in shape on every song!

[Verse 2 - 3:07 to 3:38]
Swagger Mick Jagger Rock star statues
Red and blue diamonds like cop car flashes
They be wearing fake sh*t his neck got Rashes
Hit the blunt shake the dice then pluck my ashes
Rap valedictorian Don't know where cla** is
But I be in the trap cus I know where the cash is
N***as can't see me not even my ad-libs
Better get gla**es or contact lenses
Cus I am G like the kid on the benches
Hope she Got a long neck, I Can stuff my inches
Nut all in her face and leave swagger for rinches
Swagger never leaving like a lifetime sentence
Your man's a girl scout he should be sellin' thin mints