Swagga Like Mine
Don't make me go on my bad shawty
Meek Mill stay down boy
Ahuh you know what i'm talkn bout
Ey easy I got this sh*t no problem
Easy No Roise
Clips hang on my d**k so back up n***a (back up)
I Don't wear skinny jeans cus my Glock don't fit
And I Think it's gay

Swagger Mick Jagger Rock star statues
Red and blue diamonds like cop car flashes
He be wearing fake sh*t his neck got Rashes
Hit the blunt shake the dice then pluck my ashes
Rap valedictorian Don't know where cla** is
But I be in the trap cus I know where the cash is
N***as can't see me not even my ad-libs
Better get gla**es or contact lenses
Cus I am G like the kid on the benches
I Hope she Got a long neck, So I Can stuff my inches
Nut all in her face and leave swagger for rinches
Rules for this sh*t we got swagger commendments
Go Hard till you die and never slack a instant
Show haters no love and watch it burn like insent
Swagger never leaving like a lifetime sentence
Your man's a girl scout he should be sellin' thin mints