Got Em
[Verse 1: Dolla]
Pussy on my lips
Smell of kush on my clothe
Eyes of a eagle, you people stuck to the road
I can, lackture philosophers, achive impossible
IQ of a genius a motherfuckin phenomenal
Obstacles too damn easy, See how I tackle em?
Slave on my notebook yeah. see how I shackle em?
Name in a rap and that rapper i will gravle em
Face to the ceilin, she gone swallow up my semen
If that bitch decides to burp, she gone burp a fuckin demon
I Be plottin I be schemin chasing every single dollar
But I Keep them fiends off me, I got a flee collar see
Now we rather, die before we get uncertified
I'd rather electify, before I think to testify
Word to my mama and my unborn seed
It's me and my n***a Dubb blowing on that cali weed
But my A-Town shit, don't forget bout that
Shoot him in the head if he follow that
Heard em n***as tryna plan how we follow that
Me and my n***a Streets yeah we all that
Chevy all blue, 4-5 black
Twist Dolla winner, hop out winner
Have my last kid, mama don't want em
He still breathin? pop that gun
Smoke a blunt, take a shit, take a shower, fuck a bitch
Relode my clips I be back in the morning....GONE!
[Verse 2: Dubb]
Hey look
If Ya'll don't want war, I don't see what the front for
With the gun knocked on, n***a slay the front door
White paint, when my fuckin crew pass
Red bone, it's thicker than some bullet proof glass
Look, I'm in the hood, but I'm climbing up the ladder
Shit, it's spladder, Imma shoot him like Bobbie Lee swagger
Dubb and Dolla Leaders follow us
Follow when I move
Follow me and the mothafuckin style be the ruthless
Uncodicional Flow, Dubb is the coolest
On a mission to blow and tear up the movement, uh
She suckin til my dick sore
Suckin the tip off and go for the ball like its the center of the tip off
Shootin like a rocket whenever I let that clip off
Now you in the air, you can call that lift off
I'm pist off on rappers, and the pistols clap ya