Modesty's for the birds idioms for all the ignorance
Money is just a curse but I'm working with hopes of getting it
Really this is the lyrics to nail it down so specific
The t**le should be snow Georgia shivers at my appearance
Man Mid 90's going diamond make sure everybody hear it
Speakers blowing out your earrings stratospheric flow reverent
Well respected hell connected absent body present spirit
Post mortem rapping so ignorant told these b*st*rds kiss my rear end
Comp is not up on my bumper turn da table rigga rigga
Scuurt slide I keep drifting didn't stop after the finish
Cuz only losers stay in place settle down my mind is winning
So I sit with a resemblance of a diamond or a Million to a miser
With a hand on a clutch and the dash, Ricky Bobby go fast
I'm a king with a foot just stomping the gas, and I hope I don't crash
But the thing is I would wasn't wanting the cash, just what they gone add
It's a hobby that I took and I turned into that, now I'm living like Jagger
Been my intuition to work till I'm full conditioned
To face what I been through no matter if battered and bitten
No matter the tatter and gruesome
Tie a noose around this nuisance
Undergo a convolution
I still will be a muse who is amused and chucking up deuces
Chuckling at my Judas
Trust he won't be amused if no sufferings what I'm doing
Hustling with this music
Like succulent is the food
This the hunger games and I'm brutal
You buckling nothing lewd
But your hunger was misconstrued
And my hunger surpa**ed you crude
Crusade with African slaves we all going to shoot
Doot doot doot doot doot
If ma**ah was ever pa**ive my action would mirror Nat
Turn on you I'm Turner Cla**ic
My life is like a movie, but too many climaxes
I'm Ali with spitting flames but no losing them 5 matches
I beat you in five that Jean Pierre Coopman
4 like Don Warner
3 like C Williams from Houston
War like Joe louis
They try to limit my views into all sambo
With the rock I'm not losing I'm the new Mr. Marciano
Not from Brockton Ma**achusetts I'm the movement in Atlanta
My illusions of collusion give inst**utions new scandal
Welcoming the students its the school of losing handle of your noodle
I'm the truest let me pull you through a tandem
My illusive flow is vandalizing minds and with a sample
I can do things that are way beyond the crimes for example
I intrude in to your mind and set a bomb and light a lantern
Tweak an idea tease and banter urge you all to put your hands up
And then can pollute your mind when you think you have the answer
All you find is all my lines spit fire working Roman candle
And you can't even fix your brain, nothing will ever be the same
Shocking when in combat and dropping rapid its Georgia rain