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"Get Bummed Out"

Waking up just to say your goodbyes
Feign composure but I know you lied
I know you try so hard, so so hard

Now I’m biting my nails and you’re biting your tongue
I’m cracking my bones 'cause of what I’ve done
Do I make you nervous, as nervous as you make me?
If I breathe too close to you
Can I count on you to just make up your mind?

Steady heartbeat for once in my life
I’m moving my feet so I can try
To get over you before you’re even mine

Hoping you’ll call so that I can ignore
You were confusing but I can take care of myself
I just wish sometimes that I didn’t always have to
If I move away from you
Would you miss me the way that I miss you?
So get more blue and I won’t talk to you
'cause it’ll hurt too badly when you let me down

And I’ve been tired
I’ve been waking up alone
And I drive around this stupid town
Building you up in my mind
And I get bummed out

'Cause I fell asleep on all your bad dreams
I’m in love with how you make me feel like I’m not so alone
But I can go if you feel like giving up
Just make a mess of me, I’ll always clean it up

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