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"The Washing Machine"

[Verse 1]
I’ve been doing my laundry every other weekend
Put my sheets in the wash and hope your blood comes out
Once I fold all the blankets in, I don’t wanna let you in again
And that new sweater you bought is gonna start to pill soon
You’ve been running in circles tryna make it stop
Maybe you’ll save it if you never ever wear it

[Chorus 1]
I’m gonna scream from the washing machine
'Cause I shrunk all my dresses again
A seventh grade dream where my clothes were real clean
But my mom turned everything pink

[Verse 2]
Sometimes at night it looks like you’ve stopped breathing
Or maybe it’s just that I am crushing you
We’re driving each other crazy but I know that you’ve been changing
So I’m gonna sleep until my bed is unmade
'Cause everything feels a little bit less safe
But I think that it’s okay to feel all of something

[Chorus 2]
And you aren’t dead, it’s just all in your head
Because too many things have gone wrong
I’ll come around 'cause it’s a terrible sound
When we’re both letting each other down

You’re the reason why
I can never hide
You left my keys inside
Will you stay with me?
I’m having trouble breathing
This is not my life

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