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Scru Face Jean

"The End Game"

This sh*t isn't over
I understand you probably did this for closure
But listen close and sh*t you’ll notice all it did was expose ya
So you be given wack verses
Taken sh*ts on the culture
While charging a Leg & A Shoulder
Man this kid is a vulture
Why you switching up your composure
When real n*ggas approach ya
In the studio yous a soldier
In Real life yous a poser
Like Chain smokers
They just keep on pulling cigs out the holster
The tables turned cuz now you really need my sh*t for exposure
And It's crazy
Cuz that sh*ts really deep
And I mean really really steep
The dead can't speak
But Through me they can make a little peep
And speaking of Lil Peep
Daniel is a lil creep
Cuz while we all greived you was grave robbin’ ...You lil thief
The 40 bang
Inside of his shorty range
Leave a gory stain
Now you can apologize to Peep in person like Tory Lanez
This b*tch is soft
Thinking he Thanos
He must be sniffing soft
You lyin man you Spider Man
Ain't feeling good Mr. Stark
Catch him limpin off
Flip him off
Then rip his sh*t apart
When we kill him off
Then his single can finally hit the charts
Dear Canada take him back to his manager
Or we pulling up with that Mops
Like did I mention ima... (bow)
What's wrong Daniel ?
6 days to hit a Mill what's goin on Daniel
You used to hit that sh*t with easy in not that long Daniel
Plus you in front of all these people with ya songs Daniel
I think I harmed Daniel
I'm screamin Damn daniel
Before my diss you was the man Daniel
What the f*ck happened to you ?
I swear life so hard
For the rappin side show Bob
The knife go
Right in you heart
And b*tch I like those scars
And since yo' Girl ain't comin back
I might just pipe yo' broad
I turned to Khaled when she left you
“I like you...your smart”
And famo we the Sopranos
Please come at me with more ammo
He buried, I did him dirty like Anthony Fantano
Now some fans is hella bias check my last battle
And some n*ggas can’t tell the truth because they ass rattled
This a rap battle if soft n*ggas can’t handle
The sh*t That I'm sayin
Stop playing this music and f*cking grab Scrabble
When n*ggas only loyal to the money
Them same n*ggas will put you in the soil for the money

The name of your songs
Is the only thing that really bothers me
’cause "Wack Ass Rappers"
Should be the name of your Biography
And honestly, you really thought that bull sh*t was stoppin me?
You act like you the hardest G
But your sh*t more like R&B
That diss track was the lamest
Do you have any brains left
After my first shot left your top on the pavement?
How come after "I'm not Dax"
You have not been the same since?
How come I'm the 2nd person that knew where your chain went?
Oops shouldn't say sh*t
’cause that's some big play sh*t
And they gon' figure out why you muted what Tory's sayin'
But I'm joking Danny boy or am I?
Now let's play a lil game called who am I
“I'm wack, but when I wave my hands I think I snapped, I stole a lot of peoples cash and I'm insecure about my raps, that why I dissed them n*ggas when they pay me for the track”
What the answer you ask? .... IT'S DAX

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