Scru Face Jean

"World War Cypher"

World War Cypher

Shaggy INTRO

The Marine Rapper wants to let the world to know
That he and his group of Military Musicians are here to destroy the competition
They're bringing the battlefield to the booth
Real veterans, real music only
This is the World War Cypher
You get that?

Ikan Dakai

Ding ding im in the ring, no guarantee im gonna fight fair
Mike tyson right here, drop bars bite ears
Bwoy simma mi out ya hungry operating pon a light dinner
Looking for trouble might go nether realm and fight shinnock
Marine rapper tell me guh fi di chopper
Di chopper
Mek dem bawl fi dem mamma and papa
Hold up, hold up, hold up
Mi have a whole heap a thing fi mention
The way dem move mi nuh trust dem ya know
Watch dem move mi nuh trust dem ya know?
The one you put yo faith in
Setup the first girl wah date him
When a pu**y diss and skull fi crush a me first orchestrate it
Now a death dem instigating
Success got n***as hating
Instead a motivate
Dem fantasize bout strangulating
Coordinating with the feds fi mi fail
End up in jail without bail
Now light it up the malatov c*cktail. Suh now me watch dem through binoculars
Watch dem from ma pinnacle
Monitor mi vernacular
Measure dem wid mi caliper
Snakes, what type the rattler
Chase you if you popular
Snakes what type the rattler chase you if you popular
Snakes what type the rattler dem chase you if you popular
But if tou fail dem gone
Dem on and off den on!
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