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Zner G.


And now for another fast breaking new story
We go to our roving reporter...

Beat block open the ziplock skeptics
Sweet spot dock on the pit stop do the basics
Grind the brick so we can have a good puffin'
Mind the lick Leafly said we should be laughin'
Ah yeah, there we go fly fly fly
Two guys too high dry and bloodshot eyes
Up in the sky look, I can see the Mumbai
I hereby imply Albay is full of bombay
Back in Shanghai blastin' 36 chambers
Echoes in eternity lastin' 'til we kill the killers
Supposed to use dirty tricks without modesty
Z remain skeptical to calm before calamity
Honesty, that's still the best policy
Don't mimic me, y'all still lack the needed imagery
Or his ability or agility to ponder
What are the next words to come up so you might wonder
Why he bother to shoulder the expense to the next trip
He'd rather get over the suspense for the sex clip
He is the thunder, the flood, the lightning and the rain
A stud who loves blood causing damaging insane pain
Frightening! You can say he is a time bomb
Tick tick tocking like a clock you might want to
When you run, run as fast as you can
I'll catch up to hit ya like Ken's hadouken!
Executing punchlines in quick wave motion fist
Sing a bunch of tough rhymes, spit brave to frozen lips
Chosen scripts handpicked, drafted, crafted
Encrypted, the most talented and wanted
So ah, that's it. I'll pass the joint now
Hope I made my point clear as a glass or powerpoint
Wow! How time flies like a climb to get the prize
Improvised the disguise to surprise all the commercialized

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