Roll Bounce lyrics


[Verse 1]
I'm a goon mob n***a and you see it in the flesh
Playing hoes like w's we only use them for the neck
Imma roll bounce and skate sh*t and bringing in no check
And I'm still in these street like my stains on some neck
Certified goon and i ain't turning out no fake
Still squabble with these n***as if they speaking on my name
Mama always stay solid never switching for some change
And if i ever go broke I'm robbing n***as for they chains
This is everyday sh*t getting active is a habit
Breaking b*t*hes for they check and finеssing them for they taxes
I f**kеd then i dip leave my kids up on her mattress
Dont put up with the drama b*t*h quit with all that acting
All my n***as knocking hoes play em out like its sega
My pops preach game and now i turned into a player
I f**ked on his b*t*h, turned her mans into a hater
Now im back on my bullsh*t sipping henny with no chaser
My name carry weight and that's the reason why they hate me
Im a product of the streets and that's never ever changing
Im screaming free my illiest till they let em out the cages
And still f**k b*t*hes, bag the only thing im chasing
This a goon walk you can see how im flockin'
My trueys stay fat cause of the trap up in my pocket
This that one stop shop what you need b*t*h i got it
And if you say he the plug on my momma imma rob him

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