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"Still Serving"


*[Verse 1]
* In the trap with the cats
* Quay quay of the ends for the cash
* Bad b*tch come thru with her bestfriend too
* Hit that then I phone up camps?
* Sitting in my room with my mash
* while ur under the covers with ur bro tryina bash
* Your boy wanna talk about trap
* got a box for the am try to get it all smack
* From young I’ve been doin up gang
* That’s why I know the strip like the back of my hand
* Ask bro have your boy on the bam
* But I still link shots with a Suttin in my bad
* Couple man told me they don’t rap
* But in the station then boy they sang
* From my Chinese plug ching Chang
* And he still serves man with the best ying yang

* [Verse 2]
* Police on alert round town
* The things that I hold on the joint
* Got bout three years in my pouch
*(yute) yute want stunt his o
* take mans crow then I’m bout two ounce
* But she don’t want to give blows
* Blow you nose then go down and out
* b*tch sitting in my room all stressed
* Got a box of megdongs So the pain don’t get to my head
* Because the jails wan lock my friend
* Tell bro relax but he move to speng
* Man still got the sim on the phone
* Rinsed my credit now I only got text
* Now a girl want to bang at the bone
* Tell her go home now she wanna her vex

* [Bridge]
* I been round there tryna sight opps
* They ask my why I trap I say why not?
* Get my hands on a MAC I’m feelin like god
* All fully blacked and we’re niked off

*[Verse 3]
* Thick cuteey with a booty booty but the face ain’t great
* Now all her goonies wanna do me I tell her man come round late
* Tellin me you can’t stay gimme two two brain then be on your way
* Now switching no beef no way if I say I’m on you you better face your fate
* Sayin that we do it on the mains
* We been runnin in the shops but he left his mates
* Man I don’t watch mans face Nike tick to your face man I cut mans face
* Post up valley park all day...

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