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"Let’s Get It"

[Verse 1: Karma]
I feel like James (Bond)
I really want a golden gun
Finna go off when we aim and point
We're tryna get more than a hole in one
Slap that!
Hear that clap!
Squeeze that strap like a black girls bum
Mans chest’s get bun like he’s drinking rum
Fried that man get a late night tan
You don’t need no sun (You don’t need no sun)
Every time I’ve been on the opp block man I’ve seen most of their members run
They dart we dip trynna get a mans down
Baby don’t buzz this time we come (Don’t do it)
I love violence and funds we're good together like cheese and bun
We trap we’re dealing with things
Opp two shank tryna send a man kings
You can't bench tryna send a man gym (no way)
Trap phone doing up Crazy frog that’s Ring Dinga Ding Ding!
Tryna hit stains got severed that link
Burn that bridge give a f*ck what you think
Long coat when i step with the ting no pimp
Caught opps dripping kids on whips
Them man washed they’re way to rinsed
Aiming to kill tryna shave mans wig
Aim for the gwop cause I wanna be rich
Opps stop talk like I run through b*tch
They're wanna be gangsters but
Oh well
We all know that they ain’t on p*ss
We take does risks
Word to Trizz
Us man crazy and we’re skitz (Psycho)

[Verse 2: SL]
Cut thru for a two five punk
Like n*gga, let’s go, let’s get it
How you hold five; then you go make diss tracks?
Man them boy they're pathetic
Caught S twice in two days, oh sh*t it really wasn’t his week
I’ve been kind not to back this blade
No way I’m going jail for these f*cking neek
Late night calls with an opp thot
She telling me she heard what i’ve done
And that's her big bros people
sh*t den she’s a heartless one
But sh*t den she give real good bop
Trust me she got a dangerous tounge
I’ve been there on the other side with a 34 inch that’s a dangerous one
Long time I ain’t done this drill ting
And I can’t even lie I miss it
I wanna go around there chinging, aye
Do it like taz man did him
Bro popped up with the water emoji, yeah he just went fishing
Bro popped up with the water emoji, yeah he just went fishing

[Verse 3: Kwengface]
On your mark get set get ready (Get active)
Man just step and flex
Man step and flex man do it with betty (Tru')
Man just shell it shelly
I get over catty
Slide round to the opp block
Man test that wap get over tappy
Young ting giving me bun
Told her babes come link me
Jeet that b*tch man (Ay ay)
Skeet in her tounge
My main ting said that she missed me
I don’t miss exes
I know that she miss me
Gyally on me get frisky
Man see an opp back nacks get twisty
Back that nank my blade get frisky (Ching ching ching ching)
Me and M we’re original booters
This .44 long from Rye
This old dot dot be coming from qupids
We should have just kept on chinging
We should’ve never done brought this to music
Cause we clouted neeks and they got the cheeks to say the 2’s be losing
Bruckback aim up I'll boot him

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