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"Mad About Africa"

Part 1:

Been on violence
Shout bro cah he been on riding
On goal, but you know I can't find him
I'm getting tired of this black man timing
Bro still gliding
Got another one, how exciting
Big whips, why they got no mileage?
So dig this, how the f*ck are they sliding?

Let me state facts
My story starts when I landed in them flats
Used to kick ball but I, weren't all that
But if you gave me the ball, know you get it right back
Distribute the ball the way I distribute the packs
Play me for a fool until I caught him in the act
Back against the wall if police catch me on the lack
'Cause I cannot talk on my brother, that's that
I'll orchestrate your fall then and I'll carry out the plan
Too cool for school, I was chilling with the gang
That's what I thought until the teachers called my dad
Very next day, the classroom was where I sat
If you saw what I saw, you'd understand my lad
No regards for the law, I'd rather back my flag
Lost in the sauce, man that sh*t can't stand
Forget that and focus on the task at hand
Life's just one big old obstacle
n*ggas get touched and go running to the constable
Take a n*ggas lunch, cah I'm eating when possible
Done it off a hunch, had a feeling it was probable
My food packs a punch, nittys tell you it's phenomenal
Scaring to cunch, shank by my abdominal
Hurting your bunch cah that talk ain't tolerable
Burn in the clutch left my tires looking horrible

Part 2:


Where shall I begin? It's been a long year
I'm just happy that the feds dem are not here
But if it weren't for them I woulda never got here
For every time we meet it makes me see I should be gone clear
Ends got peak, so I'm staying at my nans house
Cah I just want to make enough P, then cash out
And bring along the day one's that ain't dabbed out
Not everything's as sweet as my tracks sound
Taz got 6 cah he couldn't keep his hands down
Bob got nicked cah he wanted them a man down
I want no ifs, buts, or maybes in the damn crowd
They need to tell me that I'm the king and that's hands down
Coming up, I never had no hand out
But that don't mean I never have my hands out
I was low and you wouldn't know, 'cause you didn't stand 'round
You were in the light while I was watching from the background
Bro said he got me, I know he meant it
I can't see the fake, but I know I sense it
The plug gave us a name, that's what we went with
I probably sold you bud that ain't been invented
Your b*tch will line you up, but you never guessed it
I drop her a 3-5 as an extra incentive
Shut the blinds if the trap gets too hectic
Plug knew what it was, you was too sceptic
Feds on me, or is it my ethnic?
She'll suck the whole team and go back a beverage
Yeah, yeah
This sh*ts messed
I'm coming from a block where my dog could outlive my friend
I'm coming for your don if I label him as a threat
Bro too hot, I can't ride with him again
Thought that he was colourblind the way he's running through the reds
I come up off the drug that trappers said there ain't no prof' in
Yeah, that's smelly bud that stays stinking up your pockets
Yeah I started rough, gave it a month, then I got it
Had the table talking money, he was tryna change the topic
Trap gone dry, phone ain't poppin'
Looks like another bad day at the office
Mummy got the grind, she just struggled to see the logic
They like S, how you winnin'?
Can't embrace my losses
I had to throw dirt over my n*ggas coffin
RIP the guys that never made it out to college
Me and bro are out scoping for a neek
Like nice chain, but it would look better in me
n*gga this is life as usual
Only time I'm seeing all my guys is at a funeral
Was a sh*t knife, but I brought it cah it was doable
Judge said I went too far, I found it suitable
I don't need no funny yutes
I don't need no gold tooth
I don't need no flashy booth
I still come through with this tune
I don't need more bad news
Or I'm sliding to get duke
All I need is to come through
Till I'm balling like I hoop
We never done this cah we love this
If you think so, you're confused
No, we done this 'cause we must win
So we did what we gotta do

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