Ayy Tony

[Verse 1]
Getting drunk sitting at the table
I feel like Pun knowing I'm the one
No need to anchor to know I won

Take a Tums, you can't take the drums
Tony on the ones and the twos
Times a f**kin' ton, that's what Tony do

I cough up a lung up on my only shoes, lonely dude
When the homies through ain't so lonely, now we growin' rude
Colder tone, sip a colder brew, this sh*t be overdue
Now they throwing hands, get out of hand once we out of grams
Remember throwing bottles at your mans, really tossed it, they
Said I lost it but f**k it, I'm off it, I'm the
Grand maestro of the metro
Damn, your hand swipes slow, while I get dough
Y'all ain't even got inside that turnstile yet, yo
Let go, ain't you seen, turn my style pesto
Green this, green that, green fit, green hat
Even got a green b*t*h with a green ass
In Brooklyn took a green cab back where we at
Can't see Pat, look, Leppy Coqui's back!

I played this game too long to move on
f**k it, the coupe song
Went from jumping on f**king futons 'til my crew gone
Reviews strong, not enough views on the songs
Bar level on like ten thou'
Motherf**ker, yeah I been here for a while
Yeah I been here for a while
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