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Wears the same sh*t every f*cking day
Breath stinks

Hate, it's in they heads, it's in they hearts
Can't take seein' another f*cker taking off
They wait for you to slip, trying to take your place
Can't make nothing that's hot, they gotta play they part
They scrape up what we left here, while we paper chasing
We straight making that raw, while you say your cause
It just ain't really your taste, man, you must be fake
How you hate on something great? You a f*cking fraud
Man you gone, up all that bullsh*t up inside your jaw
Keep it closed, started with them hatin' hoes inside the yard
Tell me shave my uni-brow, I'd rather shave my balls
Nah, f*ckers always talkin', never takin' charge
I wanted this sh*t since like seventh grade, and that's on God
You couldn't do it then so ratin' me became your job
Everyday I go in, every single day I go in
Just today, woke in the rain, and came the latest song

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