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"Vidal (Interlude)"

Two fingers in the sky to the FBI
Popping out the barbershop til' he fell and died
Few Molotov c*cktails, let 'em fly
Fly his flag, he a felon, fine
Having them guns, same level crime
Tortured him but nah, he ain't tell a dime
Hardened time
Stars and stripes tried to dub his star and stripes
That's why any hood we in you know that flag gon' fly
That's half of me, half of my flag know the tapestry brag had to be bad
They called it savagery sad
When they the true savages facts
In the city humidity in the air like there
It don't compare, get rid of me in the chair where
Electrocute me or shoot me up with some doctor dookie
Depopulate the poppies who be, papa prove me wrong
f*ck USA get parades but ain't no independence day
God damn stop the movie

Hello ladies and gentleman
Oh, look at this flag (Woo) ain't this beautiful
Oh, look at this
This is a red white and blue Puerto Rican flag
Clap your hands

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