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James Corden

"2017 Grammy's Rap"

This room is insane, it's filled with all gods
Some of their faces like Madame Tussauds
Beyoncé performing, just witness it, dummy
Slay the whole stage with twins in her tummy

Sturgill Simpson is here and Google just crashed
From everyone typin', "Who the hell is that"
Rihanna and Drake, each can relate
They sound good together, I think they should date

Oh they did date? Is that true? I didn't know that... is that... how did that work out? Not okay?

Gaga is here to rock with the band
Where else could you see all the things that we planned?
All of these singers and rappers with bars
Chance from Chicago, Bruno from Mars
Only one night could hold all these stars
Sheeran, Lucas, [?] and Demi
Twenty one pilots and Nick, is you ready?

[?] people we missed
The music they made was clearly a gift
Leonard Cohen and Prince were legends in life
[?] Sharon, Mel, Phife
Be honest with me when you were a kid
Did you ever have dreams you would run into this?
Wishes came true, we celebrate you
You gotta be thankful that this what you do
Live it all up because this is the best
And with President Trump you don't know what comes next

We sit here tonight no matter our race
Or where we were born or color of face
Usin' these lines remember forever
We can survive by stickin' together
The passion [?] words in the song
Pardon the sea
Grammy's 2017

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