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James Corden


L- He doesn't care for lesbians
G- He thinks two men should just be friends
B- To his dumb knowledge, is just a phase in college
T- He finds confusing, so the army's now refusing
Trans women who only want to serve
Trans men who want rights we all deserve
POTUS thinks it's unsavory
Patriots who know real bravery
Trump's got hate for me and you


Transgender troops are not a huge expense
This ban only saves that budget .04%
How is there disruption
Worse than Trump's corruption
Why's it such a crisis
Thousands willing to fight Isis
Trump wants to seem like a manly man
Overcompensating for his tiny
Trans vets might be nervous
But we thank you for your service
We have love for all of you
Yes, we've got love for all of you
We love all of you

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