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VI Seconds

"Night Raid (Akame Ga Kill Rap)"


We're at the final stretch everyone
Only a few more left
And then I'm gone from this for good
There's no turning back on it
I got other things to take care of
So if you f*cking with me, you f*cking with me
For the final time, it's the Anime Rap God


If you looking for a fight
You picked the right day
Just know I handle assassinations like the Night Raid
No matter who needs it
No matter who wants it
No matter who's pleading
No matter who it is I'm offing
I do this sh*t often
Recognize that I do not play
What I spit is more poisonous than the Murasame
And it's more sharper
Akame should just wield me
I'll slay 100 men without a spear
Do you feel me?

Bulat could never do that
Chelsea could never be my form
I'm the kind of beast that Leone's never seen before
Never 'bout no trick sh*t
Hence why Lubbock died
Coming for what's Mine
Get sniped, b*tch
I pop eyes

Najenda knows I'm in the cut like Shelle's weapon
Susanoo knows that I'm the quickest thing within the section
Nobody in the capital is as brutal
Yes, you heard me, bro
Bars hard as the armor when Tatsumi wears Incursio
The Jaegers ain't a threat at all
n*gga, f*ck the police
I'll scream until I die
Ask anyone that knows me

Bols will get torched
Esdeath: iced
Kurome will drop her sword and run cause she can't suffice
Seryu will get bullets blasted in her mouth
No Doctor could patch what comes about
Wave's armor could never endure what I attack with
Empires will fall from me flicking a matchstick

I stay on a Wild Hunt
f*ck with my stance
Bars twice as f*cked as the fetishes of Champ
I run space: Sayuri
You my son
Just being honest
They try to bite like Dorothea because I'm on some hot sh*t
Cosmina knows
Every time I f*cking grip a mic it's murder
That's why Izou and Enshin ain't living life
f*ck the Elite Seven
All you really need is Sixx
The first emperor with every Teigu equipped
Every faction, every Danger Beast's are all at my mercy
I'm bringing death to all that I don't deem worthy
So if you're thinking you can hurt me
Take note, b*tch, there's no way you could murk me

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