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VI Seconds

"Jellal (The Best Fairy Tail Rap)"

It's the Anime Rap God
VI Seconds
Or Crimson Fox, whatever you prefer
Download my debut free album down below
That sh*t is free
Like I said, lets work tho (Killing Spree)
Fairy Tail

This is far from a fairy tail, b*tch, I'm quite a display
The Fre Dragon Slayer staying in line with my flames
Natsu, the dragon, god of this game
My style is Crimson Lotus, explode to flames from my blade
I'm brilliant, testing my wit and you'll fall
You'll get ignited quicker than the Dragon Slayer Doll
'Til the last flame burns and won't no one get near it
I got the key to this, controlling celestial spirits
Wavy as Aquarius, I suggest you get runnin'
My presence forces gates closed the moment that I'm summoned
You can't survive spells made from this mage
So strong on my own, I can Unison Raid
Lucy feels the strength the moment I get next to her
The only thing close is known as Urano Metria
Punch drunk on liquor you gon' see it
And I stay with armor on, equipped with telekinesis
Hair of a scarlet and I got a thing for Erza
My sword skill's top tier, n*ggas fear when I share them
A slice of the air will cease a hundred monsters' motions
And it ain't Seduction Armor, when it cuts away your clothing
I'm a motherf*cking maniac, braniac shown by the day
Ice cold, and you're a full buster like Gray
Which is strange, cause his element describes that I'm nice
When I step, people freeze, cause what I give off is ice
I'm sitting on a Goldmine, the top of the roster
And my Cannons give Chase
Some say I'm off of my Rocker
The illest thing in the Cosmos
You say you letting gats peel?
Well, I stay with more metal equipped than Gajeel
Blast steel, Marvell that got it on Lockser
With a roar that splits water, best call up your doctor
Or I'll change your face like Mirajane when she transforms
I'll go full demon and it ain't even my last form
I stand tall as Makarov, in the form of a titan
With a form more shocking than Laxus when using lightning
I'm pulling all of your cards, that's Cana, you'll catch a left hand
That's pure beast, this is my take over like Elfman
The soul of an animal Lisanna couldn't fathom
Any guild you build up, I'll beat down 'til I vanish
I got a solid script, written to run this show
That's Levy, and I'm making sure I let y'all know
No matter how Happy you are, you'll fear once you hear me say
You're more pus*y than every cat in the series
Carla, Pantherlilly or Lucky to name a few
I'll disassemble you like Gildarts and ain't nobody savin' you
I'm bored of y'all, can't none of you get the best of me
Step to me and turn stone like staring at Evergreen
I'll cage you in darkness and you'll never be Freed
Cause I mastered the black arts like Zeref as you can see
While neglecting to behold that I'm something you ain't see before
Jellal Fernandes after activating Meteor
All my songs sacred, this is what I bare my heart for
I'm hardcore, blowing all away with my dark force

Download Animated
It ain't a fairy tale
I'm nice (Killing Spree)

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