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VI Seconds

"Big Spender"

[Verse one:]

ESA! Unh
With this steezin'
Boy I'm seizin'
Big spender now I'm behemoth
Turnt up, Y'all hollar Jesus
Rock the court? You rock the bleachers

Wife snatcher, Get er' done
Killing more celebrities than twitter does
They get diminished
By every bit of my lyrics
Combat boy it's not him getting finished It's them!

Fatalities by the dozen
Sons, Nephews, Grandads, and Cousins
Straight to the point, I ain't into fussin'
Son sit down, you suckers ain't 'bout nothing

f*ck em' boy
You've never been a buster
When I bust-a-rhyme
Keep mustard

Cause I'm hot dawg, Relish it
I'm the truth in the booth, No embellishin'
I shoot from the front to wreck this sh*t
Making you fools irrelevant
To my reputation there's benefits
Through sessions n*gga, learn lessons b*tch!
The lesson is

I'm top notch
Cream of the crock
A hot shot
So stop ot!
You're not hot!
I'll stop your bust like c*ck blocks


[Verse two:]
Riot gang!

Dollar grabber
Big spender!
With every song I'm getting better
b*tch f*cker
Boy I'm popping
Every cherry

With monster balls
Hell of berries
And with my steez
Y'all ain't ready
b*tch I'm deadly
Boy i'm illy
Y'all b*tch n*ggas going to have to feel me

I'm the sh*t mayne
Spit so insane
Somebody call a chick to heal me
Boy I got this next up
You catch up?
I doubt it really

Spits a missile
Rapper dismissal
My sh*t real
Your bars are bismol
Hardcore to the drawing board!
I stole the mic right to the grizzle

Aiming for greatness and I got it in my sniper sight
You're trying to go gold? b*tch I'm out on a diamond heist
I'm flying right
Well known
Hear my name?
Ring bells!
On my downtime
I double as a plane wing

[Verse 3:]
Rebel squad

Who am I? The nicest writer
There's nobody tighter
So sharp I could cut knives with my saliva
Split through boulders
Like hot blades through butter flow
Nasty like a teen with his mind in the gutter, Unh

If you try to grip what I would
You get a splinter
I come at more necks than scarves in the winter
Rappers on my dinner plate!
Guaranteed I'll get em' mate
Or have em' running circles
Claiming they Icy like figure 8's

You'll get it late, like your package got delayed
You may kill beats too, but you ain't matching with my rate
Looks to kill
And I do it in the coolest sh*t
I'm too legit
When I'm doing this
I look good doing it

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