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VI Seconds


Yo, yo
This ain't for nobody but me
Call me selfish
I don't really care

[Verse 1: VI Seconds]
Boy it's funny how seven days can make a difference
Boy it's funny how several hate, then need assistance
It's funny how n*ggas will call you 'brother' but lacking communication
You make it, then they complain that you're keeping your distance
Girl it's crazy how love will make you grown
Girl it's crazy how people play like they're your own
It's crazy you'll give your heart to a b*tch
She amazes you with a pitch
Then she'll toss the sh*t like your heart was just made to be thrown
People saying that they love you but rarely they mean it
Feeling like I'm only cherished when sh*t is convenient
Like now that I'm getting money, can't none of these n*ggas son me
And your past woman crushes have sucked on my p*nis
I'm saying
People change and start acting indecent
Cause I'm doing well, now n*ggas taxing for pieces
It's strange, cause if I fell on my face while out in public
I ain't ever trusting you lames to keep it a secret
The people I call homies take notice of my endeavors
But hardly give me a dap for the fact that I'm doing better
Family I haven't talked to in years
Cause I learned that I'm sh*t-talking while I'm chasing my career
But it's the, hand I was dealt
Jack chasing to be a king without a
Queen by my side cause I trust
None with a ring, no
Diamond to bestow in the club, hate where I stay
Lost my heart to a b*tch
She ain't give a f*ck, like she spayed
Or I'm
Overthinking at 3 am in the morning
Sitting alone, drinking, thinking 'This is the sh*t I was born with!?'
But I'll never forfeit
Fitting my for when my for fits
You ain't with me, I'll never force it
Just flow like faucets
For, this is my life, and the key to my fortune
Disrespect to my direction, this fist is made for chins, see I
Had a bit of a violent streak on these violent streets
You were a target if you weren't seeing eye-to-eye with me
But, guess I get that from my brother, and I give him resentment
Cause of what his actions do to my mother
See I'm one of two, but I made moves on the proper side
I say one of two cause I don't account for my father's side
My father
Another n*gga I don't really know
I hate him, yet part of me really wishes that we could grow
Who knows? I could decide to go to London next year
He may lack them, but it took balls for me to get here
Got a couple questions for him, but I'll do without those letters
And right now, I don't feel like he deserves another record
I remember getting started on the net with a group of n*ggas
Who rapped, who I don't think I'll forget
All aiming for success, but the friendship was just noise
Cause n*ggas grew tired and started acting like some fuccbois
So n*ggas ceased communication, and it was perfect timing
That's when my sh*t started reaching to other nations
And that's when n*ggas wanna show, screaming fraudulence
But wouldn't reappear, if I didn't have an audience
Oh Lord, the sh*t that n*ggas do for promo
Quit to rant on Twitter, cause leeching me is a no-go
Pitchforks in hand, typing out how they mad at me
Even Derez saying he regrets calling me family
Oh Lord, I guess that's just my game
Small wounds that build muscle, these are just my gains
Start whipping a little different, guess that's just my lane
f*ck your promo, I ain't calling y'all by name
So where does that leave me?
I ain't going back to college
I'm staying off of that chain like I never been into bondage
Staying off of the chain like young Berg
Staying off of the chain like a runaway dog, and it's absurd
The hand that I was dealt was full of sh*t, though I don't touch turds
I turned it into gold and all I needed was one word
Music. I got fans to the roof
Dedicated, they got my name on tats, cause it's true
I mastered the booth, looking past and surpassing your truths
They are to me what cash is to you
Oh! Answer to who?
Lord, as I kneel and I pray
And I thank you for the blessings you brought these days
Connecting me with these people that'll feel my pains
And see my change, the others trying to see my stage
Gonna be hopping out the kitchen the moment I get cooking
Got a West Side vibe, but I keep my sh*t so Brooklyn
Cause I'm that one, maintaining my run 'til it stops
'Till the crown's on my head, and the throne's on my block
Dogging head's 'round America, get shown out my spots
Your running shoes at the ready, then your soles in a box
Give your b*tches the kiss of death, learn to grow from the locks
Got the key to success, now show me the locks
Went from a curly head, now I'm showing the 'locks
Coming at your heads, now I'm showing the 'locks
You n*ggas wishing the differences we show in the lock
But I'm the pick, like what a thief shows in the lock
I'm the coldest of soldiers, boulders on both shoulders
With a soul, you'll be hold at the moment I pop
Holding a Glock, taking this whole era for ransom
It's about to ugly, like I can't do handsome

And that's therapy
Take it how you want it
Tyler that sh*t--that sh*t--that sh*t hurt my lungs
It's real talk though!

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