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VI Seconds

"DragonbarsZ (the best dragonball Z rap song) REMIX"

Hello everyone
Today we're in for a sweet taste of nostalgia
Today's delicacy: Dragon ball Z
Go tell your favorite f*cking rapper
To f*ck with me on some sh*t like this
They'll be f*cking destroyed
And no I'm not f*cking kidding
Now come and get this worth

Super saiyan sixx but they do
Turning dudes to food like MAJIN BUU
When I step into the booth
Then I'm tearing it in two
Cuz I'm spitting Destructo
Don't Disk my deal
- Let's go -
Looking up these dudes in the atlas
Trying to claim they be kin like RADITZ
Claiming that they lyrical
Y'all n*ggas is pitiful
While i'm over here stacking all this green
Each moment's like holey moley
My kicks too strong for your goalie
It's only me rolling for doley
Like BROLY be only
He duh crypt in this b*tch
I'm repping this sh*t
Then next in this b*tch
You're wrecking this b*tch
Wrecking its six heads
Gonna spit it next
Gonna drink last left in this b*tch
- uhh uhh uhh -
I'm such a beast
I can catch a spirit bomb
With my motherf*cking teeth (monkey!)
Come to me?
I'm physically f*cking up
Your self-esteem
sh*t you'll never heal from
Even with a Senzu bean
Rappers claim they spittin' Cain
But they ain't really Abel
BROLY to this b*tch
You'll wish I was a fable
Powerful but slept on like GoHAN, b*tch
I'm out to shake the world up
Like GOHAN p*ssed
Uhh every time my rhyme's danger
Like I spent 12 years writing
Inside the hyperbolic time chamber
Hero, with the speeds of a villain
Bound to blow the f*ck up like FREIZA
I'm killing all you n*ggas
Cloning like CELL JR
Click booyah
n*gga my clique will rip through ya
Who ya
Just a civilian claiming he a monster
Talking till he gets f*cked up
Suicide, that guy, haters wanna be him
Cause I got my third eye open
Tnt, play games?
b*tch I hate Ps3
You ain't got the balls for this
n*gga you think you being me?
n*ggas know I'm BMF
Everyone can get ethered, yes
Anyone you can speak of, yes
Homie, you be like GULDO you move slowly
While I'm steady scoping fine dames
Know he's a problem escaping me is lucky
Cause you claim your sh*t's bananas
Till i turn into that big monkey
On my DRAGON BALLS, making mad noise
n*ggas buy a fleshlight
Or try to f*ck an ANDROID
What I'm spitting is perfect
Like CELL'S last form
Super saiyan sixx
And I ain't even on my last form
You better off to cop a pea
Thinking that you stopping me?
n*ggas, death got you brainwashed, BABIDI
Lyrically too much magic
Like Bibidi Buu
But GOKU had a heart disease
Cause he's sick of me too
Shizzy too cool
Destroying everything
That you about dude
Acting like you the big meat
When you the size of CHIATZOU
In round 2
You n*ggas go night night
I got Tenkaichi lines
You pussies barely on fight night
I might solar flare your face
Till you see like Stevie
Walking at VEGETA
When you CHI-CHI
Be easy, I'm flaring you up
Swearing you tough
I'm son'ing y'all, your new name
My new game is boom bang
Enflame all you punks
New fame with a new name
You new saiyans suck, b*tch
-that boy got that crank man-
Straight crack when I'm flow
And I damage
Throwing a ball that can
Blow up the planets
n*ggas know I'm savage
You ain't fly and can't try
To flow with the dragon
Better gets gone
I'm 'bout green
And out to stretch mine till
It's longer than SHENRON
Letting off cause you' phony and frail
n*ggas act up
Till I get hold of your tail
GOKU, Known to go in
On these mini-me's
Literally, you're GOTEN
Noone even knows who you are
All you do is more pus*y than PUAR
That's moi, ohh god, I go ham, OOLONG
Sharper than TRUNKS
When he brings the sword in
I'll beat you till your eyes shut
Hold that better b*tch up
Are you mad cause I'm flier
Uhh, do you know another rapper
Offin' tops like the haircut on NAPPA?
Uhh did you find him on napster?
Tell that n*gga I'm a lion
And he's a hamster
Dumb ass, does spit sick you heard
But you fruity ass n*ggas
Getting eaten by TURLES
Problem with problems stacking
KAMEHAME ha ha laughing
At y'all my speeds is bomb
Yours don't show up like Freiza's mom
Now I'm the best at fusion
I'm a Fusion of Big and Pac but now call me GOTENKS
From a-z bodyin' this easy beat
You're here but noone likes you
Like GT

[Verse 2: DJ Death]
DJ going in with a KAMEA Wave! I'm BABIDI you're my mind slave. Oh I'm Slicing through with the Sword. Hittin your Head against the back-board. You Fighting Me? Well that's hard to see. Because if i'm GOKU your not even CHI-CHI. You might as well start fleeing. Because your fast but i'm Faster. Slicing through any enemy that says i'm YAMCHA. Your Vegeta's Daughter,BRA. I'm a SAYIAN Pummeling enemies fast and furiously. My Flow is PERFECT like CELL, or SUPER like BUU. Oh this is too cool. COOLER Than you. No matter your COLOR ya'll still not a certified baller. Death is immenent so make some mad noise. Keep the fight going on like my name is PIKKON. BOY!

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