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VI Seconds

"I’ll Body You"

Think you got hard bars
I know who you are dog
And I came with a gift
Freeze, Nardwuar

[Verse 1]
Desire fire, supply a flya messiah
Cometh an empire, I'm wiping out the entire attire
I'm showing all the artists thinking that they killing me
They can't, cause I ain't change myself on a search for validity
I'm all tyranny, but artillery off enemies
This fraud imagery leaves y'all history, jaws split in three
Y'all seriously think y'all ill as me? Y'all killin' me
My bars' energies, bring y'all misery, part physically
Dog my art, lyrically, leaves these frauds hickory
Smoked pitifully, choked swift-a-ly, and I'll boast
Laughing to all of the banks when I'm strolling with yo, Hillary[?]
My house, you get thrown out, no Uncle Phil in me
This feeling be, Braille
You ain't seeing, but still feeling me
It's, kill or be killed
Let's be trill, my sting's killer bee
Balls weighing one ton, di*k shining like patent leather
Title on my waist and I'm a let you n*ggas have it, never
Back for cheddar, black mask and a black Beretta clap
Until I leave you all scorched, better keep aloe vera
Slappin', we get crackin', I'm showin' these cats what savage is
I'm snappin'[?], 'til I'm bashin' in all this planet's inhabitants
What's happenin', I'm wrappin' up every bast*rd you rapping with
Had enough? Then tattle what happened through all your chat and sh*t
Yappin' lip, watch as I make your body and casket dip
I could go brain dead and you still couldn't match my wit

To every rapper sneak dissing without the balls to confront me
Just know that you weak n*gga, I'll body you
To every artist every label this is cause for alarm
And it's far from a fable, I'll body you
To every n*gga on the grind, and if you dare say my name in a line, recognize
I'll body you
I'll body you (huh huh)
Body you (huh huh)
Body you (huh huh)

[Verse 2]
Body you, throw your body into a bayou
No intention to write you, but by I'll bye bye you
Ride by you, I'm Ryu, get you all eager
The right punch leave you offed on the neck
That's Sharkeisha
It's a fact that I'm a monster god
So sharp I can cut through bricks with a cotton swab
In too deep and I'm feeling like a god
Your broad, I'm in too deep, she feeling like I'm god
The rhyme sinister, prime minister
Mister Stone Cold, I lock eyes with Medusa when I kiss her
You beating me is far fetched
Like I threw a ball too far for my dog to go and get
If I had the seven dragon balls, wish bones, a rabbit foot, and a genie at my disposal
b*tch, I'd wish a n*gga would
Trying to question how my stance is
I stand at powerful stances
You showed the standin's
And I kept standin', I'm upstandin'
The young ominous, omnipotent, monster-ous beast
With a thought process, too much for all colleges
Honest sh*t, I'm a threat, going unrivaled
I can't lose this sh*t, my name is in the title
This is, round six, you n*ggas get round[?] six[?]
Leave in stretchers, no way to get in to round six
I'm announcin', and I'm killing you n*ggas I'm 'bout this
Relentless, y'all n*ggas don't wanna bout this
My intentions, murderin' everybody around
Like a fan, you ain't never gonna wanna hear a sound
For you and anybody better yet I'll shut it down
Coppin' every city, every region, every town
n*ggas listen when I said that I'm gunnin' for their heads
Any spittah trynna hit me with the words, leave 'em dead
Went from most the slept on, to the most viewed
We mad on a bad day[?], I got a short fuse
My flow organic, like I'm straight outta whole foods
Y'all getting slept, like I ate a lot of soul food
Itis my touch is the Midas
Heard competition, but just couldn't find it
I'm this, wild and ridiculous, frivolous, lyricist
Y'all spitting clitoris, b*tches listen
I'm a body you

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